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A great Lender to work with, or BYO

We can’t say it’s going to quite as easy as 1, 2, 3, but you’ll find its pretty close. And we can also say that you’ll receive prompt, courteous and professional attention from our Preferred Lender, Casey Bauer, at Axiom Financial.

Get in touch with Casey Bauer, Loan Officer at Axiom Financial, to help you quickly get the answer of whether you may qualify for these great homes.

Casey knows the Markea Court project well, and has decades of experience and a solid reputation in the local mortgage industry. She can provide you with a complimentary no obligation prequalification letter for financing your Markea Court townhome. She can also provide you with information on projected monthly payments, how much home fits within your budget, current interest rate(s) available to you, etc. And, of course, there is no cost or obligation to you for this service.

If you have a family member or other person who wants to help you get started by gifting or co-signing a loan, ask Casey which loan programs are available.

We want to help you obtain financing for your Markea Court purchase. So we’re also providing information and links to the Utah Housing Corporation (UHC), a non-profit public entity created to assist in the creation of affordable housing opportunities for lower-income Utah households. Markea Court has had to meet special requirements, such as meeting FHA and VA guidelines, to qualify. And all Markea Court townhome prices are lower than the Current Purchase Price limits. Finally, yes, Casey Bauer from Axiom Financial is an UHC-approved lender.

See if you are within UHC’s Current Income limits here. Current income limits for Salt Lake County can be up to $94,500 per year, so you may surprise yourself and qualify for a UHC-approved loan. If UHC can help you find better or less-costly financing options at Markea Court, then we all win. So take a look at what they have to provide.

Axiom Financial is an Equal Housing Lender.

For more information, contact Andrew Pratt (click name for email) or via phone at 801.257.0777

Nobody can say whether you’ll be able to get a low fixed-rate loan until you try. And who knows when these rates will be available again. Isn’t it worth finding out if you qualify? Carpe diem.