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Adam Barker
Adam Barker

Why Markea Court?

There are few things that we seem to be able to count on these days. One thing that is almost certain, however, is that our lives will continue to remain busy, our free time will continue to be precious, and our resources will continue to be limited.

As downtown Salt Lake City continues to grow and, we all hope, flourish, finding that ideal home at an affordable price will become increasingly difficult. Markea Court’s townhomes are designed, built and located to provide that elusive combination of being a true urban sanctuary. Our floorplans are open and generously proportioned, the interiors well built and luxuriously appointed, and the price affordable.

Come see why Markea Court just may be your ideal home in downtown Salt Lake City.

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When you add it all up, there are so many great reasons to check out Markea Court. Why wait?