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Where are Markea Court Townhomes located?

The registered address is 676 East Markea Avenue, Salt Lake City, Utah, 84102.

Markea Avenue is at 250 South, so another way to locate us is at 676 East 250 South.

Where is the Sales Center for Markea Court Townhomes Located?
Downtown Real Estate Gallery

350 South 200 East, #106

Salt Lake City, Utah

Phone: 801.257.0777

Hours: By Appointment

How many residences will Markea Court Townhomes have?
13 total units, as follows:
      • 12 three-bedroom three-bathroom townhomes, 3 stories high
      • 1 four-bedroom three-bathroom townhome, 3 stories high
          When will Markea Court Townhomes be completed?

          Units 10, 11, 12 and 13 were completed at the end of 2010 (“Phase 1”).  All units in Phase 1 were Sold (“Closed”) in early 2011.

          Units 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 (“Phase 2”) are on track for completion by November 2011. Depending on weather and specific demand from our presales, we may be able to deliver requested units slightly earlier than this projected delivery timeframe.

          As of September, units 3, 8 and 9 are pre-sold. We keep our website current in terms of inventory availability, pricing, etc.

          For a view of currently available remaining inventory, check here.

          Will some of the townhomes be available to move into before the entire community is completed?

          Yes. Units 10, 11, 12 and 13 are now completed and all are Sold (Closed).

          We anticipate that certain units now being presold in 1 through 9 may also be available for occupancy prior to completion of the entire community based upon request from buyers that are under contract.

          Check here for current availability and pricing.

          Who do I contact for information on zoning requirements and restrictions for businesses that can go into the FLEX space on the Ground floor?
          Salt Lake Building and Zoning at (801) 535-6436.
          Do Markea Court Townhomes come with a security system?

          Markea Court residences come individually pre-wired for alarm systems through a local security system subcontractor. Residences are not finished out with sensors or other alarm system monitoring equipment. To activate a unit’s alarm system and subscribe for monitoring the owner will simply contact the subcontractor to arrange for equipment and service monitoring. Alternatively, they may opt to use another security system monitoring service of their own choosing (may require a rewire of the unit or use of a wireless system).

          Each residence does come with two programmable remote controls for the private two car garage, as well as one code panel affixed to the exterior wall of the garage that is also programmable. Additional remotes can be purchased following Closing through the manufacturer or a local home supply store.

          Will there be guest parking on site?

          No. There is no additional parking provided other than the full-size two car garages built into each townhome.  There is on-street parking on Markea Avenue, which forms the northern line of the property, and in the surrounding neighborhood.

          Will there be owner storage at Markea Court Townhomes?
          We have oversized the built-in garage spaces to accommodate shelving and other storage solutions desired by an owner.
          What items are included in the monthly HOA Dues at Markea Court Townhomes?
          As is customary with townhome developments, owners prefer minimal amenities that would drive up HOA dues and other costs. The benefits of ownership at a townhome community are derived by placing as much emphasis as possible on the individual residential spaces while minimizing the maintenance and costs of the shared common area elements.

          With this in mind, Markea Court’s planned amenities include:

          • Fully Xeriscaped (low-impact landscaping) and professionally maintained exterior common areas
          • Exterior Building maintenance & Window Cleaning
          • Water and Sewer Service
          • Trash Removal
          • Snow Removal
          • Community Mail Service to Property Entrance location (individual PO boxes)
          • Professional Property Manager
          • Common Area and Limited Common Area Property Taxes paid
          • Master Insurance Policy covering Structure, Common areas and Limited Common Areas

          Monthly HOA Dues will average about $154 per residence, with a range of $148 to $159 per the current budget. This excludes the unique unit number 9, which will be 3,530 square feet and will carry projected monthly HOA dues of $271.

          Will DirecTV satellite programming be available at Markea Court?

          Yes, we plan for DirecTV to be installed at Markea Court using a “MDU” (multi-distribution unit) system. This will allow each unit to receive programming throughout their residence without having to pay for or have installed a separate satellite dish. One heated dish for each “building” (units 10 – 13 would have one dish and units 1 – 9 have another dish) can be installed on the roof to serve that structure.

          Separately, we are evaluating whether to provide each owner with “bundled” service from DirecTV, which will cost the HOA approximately $20 per townhome per month rather than the $60 per month fee if ordering individually. This would provide each townhome with Basic Programming and use of one hi-def (HDTV) tuner. Additional programming options and hi-def tuners or DVRs can be ordered from DirecTV by the unit owner as desired by the owner.

          If bundled service is ordered, either by the Developer or by the Homeowners Association once the HOA is turned over to owners, the fee (estimated at $25/month/residence) would be added to the monthly HOA dues rate. Also, if deploying bundled service each unit at Markea Court would use DirecTV for television programming, and Comcast would not be used on site (for TV programming). Owners could still order Comcast cable modem hi-speed internet service in their unit, or a wireless service offered through the new Clear service provider ( CenturyLink (formerly Qwest) has opted not to provide landline or DSL service to Markea Court Townhomes. Prospective buyers should not purchase a unit at Markea Court contingent upon either having or not having bundled service in their residence.

          What will my internet service options be at Markea Court?
          Your primary options for hi speed internet service will be through Comcast (cable modem) or a new wireless service called “Clear.”  Clear is the “WiMAX” system. More info on Clear / WiMAX can be found at

          As of this time, CenturyLink (formerly Qwest) will not be offering DSL service to the Markea Court property. This may change in the future, but should not be planned for we believe.

          Will I pay just for my own utilities?
          Yes. Each townhome will have its own hi-efficiency furnace, hot water heater, air conditioning, and electrical systems and service. You will be billed directly by the utility companies once you set your personal account up with them and move in.
          Can I make changes to my floor plan?
          Prior to the time you “Close” on the purchase of a townhome at Markea Court, the developer will consider nominal changes that aren’t planned already as upgrade options on a case-by-case basis. Any such changes will be estimated for cost and scope of work, and presented to Buyer. If Buyer approves these changes, then developer will perform the changes as part of the build out of the townhome. The Buyer will be required to deposit 100% of the signed estimate costs prior to developer commitment to making such changes.

          Once the townhome sale is Closed and the Buyer becomes the Owner, the Owner may perform desired changes to their residence’s floor plan or other interior items (i.e., finishes, etc.) provided they conform to any requirements and restrictions defined by local building codes, the project’s Declarations (“CC&R’s”), Rules and Regulations, or other governing documents and laws.

          Will I be able to choose paint, carpet, or upgrades in appliances and other interior features?

          Yes, if you order them in time from the developer’s list of upgrade offerings. In order to maintain our construction schedule and volume discounts on finish items and appliances, we are happy to accommodate such requests provided doing so does not delay the construction schedule or cause the loss of any volume discounts from suppliers to the project.

          Contact us for information on the status of finish items and appliances in any remaining unsold units 1 through 9. We are pleased to provide buyer-selected upgrades and appliances from the list of options provided doing so does not delay any of the construction trades that are building out Markea Court.

          What appliances are included with each unit?

          Maytag Stainless Steel Dishwasher, 30 inch Gas Range & Oven, Combination Microwave / Range Hood, and an In-Sink Disposal.

          We are also offering appliance upgrade packages from GE (Monogram line). These can be ordered in 30” or 36” range sizes (as long as our custom ordered cabinetry is available in 36” opening). Call for details on GE appliance upgrades and to check our remaining inventory that can permit a 36” range.

          We are also offering as upgrades Stainless Steel Refrigerators and Washer / Dryer packages to compliment the base or upgrade appliances already in the unit.

          The cost of these packages can customarily be built into one's unit purchase price and financed through the mortgage. Ask your lender for details.

          Will I be able to install an Electric Range later in my townhome?
          Yes, in units 1 through 9.
          Will I be able to rent my townhome out, or rent a room out in my townhome?
          Yes to each question. We currently plan for there to be no rental restrictions placed upon owners at Markea Court Townhomes. Any restrictions or guidelines are specified in the Declarations (CC&Rs), which are Recorded with the Salt Lake County Recorder’s office. Contact Salt Lake City Planning and Zoning if you wish to check on any restrictions on renting due to zoning or other requirements.
          Will Markea Court Townhomes accept backup purchase contracts on units that are already “Sold” (show as “Pending” on website) in case the current buyer fails to close on the purchase?
          We will consider this on a case-by-case basis. We recommend visiting Markea Court’s website, which is continuously updated, to find out if a Pending unit you are interested in has come back on the market. If a Pending townhome falls “out of contract” then it will be re-posted on this website as “Available” and sold to the next Buyer.
          What systems are being installed for telephone, TV, Internet Access and Security?

          We will wire Markea Court Townhomes for landline telephone/fax (Comcast), cable television (Comcast), satellite television (DirecTV), and broadband internet (Comcast or Clear). Owners will be able to have security systems installed in their townhomes once they take Possession from the developer. Many good wireless alarm systems are available on the market for reasonable cost.

          Each townhome will also come standard with a 5.1 Surround Sound pre-wire package in the residence’s Living Room area.

          Does Markea Court Townhomes allow pets?
          Yes. Refer to Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&R) for specific limitations or restrictions.
          Where are the Laundry Rooms located in the townhome?
          We have designed the laundry rooms to be closest to the Master and Second Bedrooms. Therefore, the laundries are located on the top floor of each townhome.
          Is public transit easily accessible?
          Yes, the bus and TRAX light rail are within two blocks of Markea Court Townhomes, along 400 South. Other bus routes are easily accessible as well.
          Where are the public schools near Markea Court Townhomes, and what is the name of the school district?

          Markea Court is located within the Salt Lake school district. District offices are located at 440 East 100 South, Salt Lake City. School information is provided using currently available public information; prospective owners are encouraged to verify this data prior to committing to a purchase at Markea Court.

          Elementary School: Wasatch Elementary
          30 R Street

          Salt Lake City, UT 84103

          (801) 578-8564

          Middle School: Bryant Junior High School
          40 South 800 East
          Salt Lake City, Utah 84102
          (801) 578-8118

          High School: East High School
          840 South 1300 East
          Salt Lake City, Utah 84102
          (801) 583-1661

          Private School: Rowland Hall-St Mark's School

          205 First Ave

          Salt Lake City, UT 84103

          (801) 355-7485

          What factors determine the pricing of a Markea Court Townhome?

          Our unit pricing is guided by five criteria:

          • Interior Square Footage of the unit
          • Whether the unit is an end unit or not
          • Location of the unit within the complex
          • Views from the unit
          • Projected "scarcity" of the unit relative to market demand

          Scarcity is defined here as the relative perceived shortage or excess of supply of this type of townhome when compared to other similar townhome units in the local area.

          Will there be any "Escalation Clauses" in the Purchase Contract to protect the developer against future price increases while constructing Markea Court Townhomes?

          We have not yet included an “escalation clause” in any Markea Court Purchase Contract for units we’ve sold, and are not currently imposing one on remaining available inventory. However, if market conditions change and it becomes necessary to add an Escalation Clause to the Purchase Contracts of unsold townhomes, we reserve the right to do so. In that circumstance, all previously sold or presold units would continue to not have Escalation Clauses.

          Although it is common in the current era of unpredictable labor and materials markets for a developer to require buyers at a development such as Markea Court to accept escalation clauses in the Purchase Contract (which would require the buyer to pay more for their townhome if construction costs exceed certain limits), the developers of Markea Court Townhomes have elected to do the work now to lock in all costs to the degree possible. They then take the risk of further increases by not forcing buyers to accept escalation clauses as a condition of purchase.

          Will I know if a price increase is going to be imposed by the Developer or be “grandfathered” at a lower price if I’ve previously inquired about Markea Court?
          No. Because our inventory supply is limited to the relatively low number of townhomes being built, we expect to incrementally increase the price of all remaining inventory at any time without notice.

          Since Markea Court is already more than 50% sold out, and we are still building Phase 2, we anticipate a gradual increase in unit prices on each unit as the remaining units are sold. As an example, please consider pricing of airline seats and hotel rooms as the plane or hotel fills up. As a guideline, we expect the adjustment to any given townhome to be within the $1,000 to $5,000 range at the time of each change.

          Past sales results are not a guarantee of future performance. All unit pricing is closely monitored to reflect current market conditions and sales forecasts by the Developer. The Developer reserves the right to reduce unit pricing offered without notice on any remaining unsold inventory.

          What kind of financing is available for Markea Court Townhomes?
          Markea Court’s Preferred Lender is Axiom Financial. More information on this solid local market lender can be found in the Financing Options of this site – under the Sales Center tab.

          Axiom Financial has agreed to offer Markea Court buyers a special Loan Origination Rate of 0.5% percent – a 50% discount off of the normal rate. This alone could save you over a thousand dollars. Axiom will also offer our buyers extended Rate Lock terms and a special “Float Down” option as well.

          We suggest you contact this lender and any others you may be interested in obtaining financing quotes from for their terms and conditions.

          Are buyers required to use Markea Court Townhomes’ Preferred Lender for financing?
          No. Doing so would be a violation of Federal law. We want you to have the most – and best – choices for obtaining low-cost mortgage financing for your Markea Court residence. So feel free to look around and work with whomever you most prefer.
          Will Markea Court be “FHA Approved” for mortgage loans?

          Yes, Markea Court is expected to meet all criteria set forth by HUD (federal agency), which governs FHA insured loans throughout the USA. This means that Buyers may be able to borrow funds with down payments as low as 3.5%. Check with Casey Bauer at Axiom Financial, or a lender of your choice, for specific terms and conditions.

          Will Markea Court be approved for “VA” mortgage loans?
          Yes, we anticipate that Markea Court will also meet all criteria to be able to allow lenders to provide VA (Veteran’s Administration) loans, which may include 0% financing offers available to qualified borrowers. Check with one of our suggested lenders, or one of your choice, for specific terms and conditions.
          Do you have financing assistance for low-income households?
          Yes, we suggest you contact the Utah Housing Corporation, a local non-profit that provides these programs, to ask about low down payment programs they are offering. The can be found at
          Will I be able to negotiate the pricing of a unit, the upgrades, or any other terms of the contract?

          We will review all reasonable offers, and will respond to those that the Developer considers to be made in good faith and that have a high likelihood of reaching Acceptance, in our opinion. That said, there have been no pre-sales at Markea Court that have been accepted for less than the price offered on our website by the Developer.

          We will not negotiate pricing or specifications of the Upgrade items we offer unless we do so through a Change Order (which incurs a Change Order fee in addition to revised upgrade costs & specs).

          We’re working to not only build downtown's premier townhome community but also to offer it at pricing that is fair and reasonable.

          Will I be allowed to assign any or all of my interest in a townhome to another party once I am under contract to purchase but before I close on the transaction?
          Under certain conditions and only with the prior written approval of the Developer. If a buyer at Markea Court Townhomes wishes to assign his or her interest in a purchase contract to another party then the developer will require as one of the conditions of approval that any assignment fee or other "consideration" negotiated between the original buyer (Buyer #1) and the replacement buyer (Buyer #2) be paid to the developer at the time of assignment. Other conditions and restrictions will apply as determined by the developer. Even if Buyer #1 agrees to all terms specified by the developer, this is no guarantee that the developer will permit an assignment. Assignment other than as permitted by the developer will result in termination of the purchase contract with Buyer #1, and any earnest money or upgrade deposits made by Buyer #1 will be retained by the developer.
          After Markea Court Townhomes is complete and I have purchased my townhome, will there be any restrictions against me then selling the unit to someone else?
          Yes. The developer will require that all townhomes at Markea Court be sold and “closed” prior to permitting the resale of any units OR that one calendar year from your own Settlement date has occurred -- whichever comes first. This is customary on a residential project such as Markea Court Townhomes and is designed to limit speculation in the property. As mentioned above, the developer will limit the “lock-up” period to be one year from the date your purchase is Recorded. If any units remain unsold by the developer after one year has elapsed then you will be permitted to sell your unit(s) without restriction.
          Will the developer of Markea Court Townhomes agree to participate in a tax-deferred 1031 Exchange when I purchase my townhome?
          Yes, under certain conditions the developer will agree to participate in a 1031 tax-deferred Exchange.
          Will I be allowed to do any of the upgrades on my own or hire my own subcontractor to work on the townhome?
          No. Due to liability issues any customization of a townhome must be performed after the unit has been Closed and the Owner has taken Possession. At that time the Owner may customize the unit provided doing so complies with guidelines established in the Homeowners Association documents.
          Can my upgrades be included in the mortgage so that I am able to finance my upgrade costs?

          Typically, yes. Axiom Financial is aware of our upgrade program, and appraisers should be able to accommodate increased values of upgraded townhomes as required (although there is no guarantee of this). Selected upgrades will be part of the purchase contract, outlined in an Upgrade Addendum (“Schedule A”), which will specify each upgrade selected and the cost of each upgrade.

          Because 50% of a buyer’s upgrade expense listed on the Schedule A will be due at the time they are ordered the buyer will have to advance a portion of the funds. Upgrade funds paid by buyers will be delivered to the Developer to be used during construction. This will help pay the contractors for the unit upgrades installed in the residence and for other expenses incurred at the sole discretion of the Developer. The remaining balance due (the other 50% of upgrade costs) will be collected from the Buyer at Closing unless otherwise required by the Developer (i.e., custom items, etc. that may require full prepayment).

          The buyer may then be reimbursed (given a check) for the cost of prepaid upgrades at Closing by the title company if the cost of upgrades is included in the loan amount. Ask your lender for details on the loan underwriter’s policy prior to committing to any lender or to Markea Court Townhomes if such reimbursement is material to your decision whether or not to purchase a residence at the project.

          For more information, contact Andrew Pratt (click name for email) or via phone at 801.257.0777

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